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Adam gives wonderful care to his patients. He is friendly and we feel like part of the family when we visit. This past visit he identified a wax buildup which was contributing to problems with hearing out of left ear which can be easily fixed. He expertly identifies issues with...

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Gloria Huerta, on Google

I have been a client of Adam's for over 3 years and have received the absolutely best care, service and more importantly after sales/fitting experience(s). So pleased are we with Adam (and Janet's) care and consideration that I had my wife visit for a hearing test while we were in...

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Stuart Heyes, on Google

Dr. Dell has been such a great help to us in testing and fitting my aunt, who was 90 years old, with hearing aids. The hearing aid has been excellent quality. For no charge, he has followed up with her twice over the past three years, to adjust the aid...

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Karen Luse, on Google

I would highly recommend Adam Dell to anyone who is looking for new hearing aids. He provided excellent service for something I have long needed. I knew I had tinnitus, and also some hearing loss, that combined to make it hard for me to understand people in conversations under a...

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Kevin Ahern, on Google

I bought hearing aids two years ago and that specialist wanted to charge for adjustment every time I walked into his office. Today I met Adam for the first time. Even though I had not bought my hearing aids from him he took the time to adjust my device, changed...

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Dilip D, on Google

I arrived promptly 5 mins before my appointment. Adam Dell greeted me and explained what we were going to do. After the hearing analysis was completed, my diagnosis was confirmed and quantified.I will be returning in three weeks to purchase my new hearing aids. 1/12/23 Had my follow up visit...

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Stephen Bell, on Google

With the guidance of Adam Scott of Audible I am happy with a great device and ongoing service into the future. Professional, kind, knowledgeable, positive … Adam really listens to my hearing needs and cares about my lifestyle and hearing potential. I truly appreciate and trust the ongoing expert care...

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Laura Hoglund, on Google

Terrific experience. I had an issue with my hearing protection. Adam was very helpful and great to work with. I highly recommend.

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Jon Huitink, on Google

Wonderful experience getting fitted with new hearing aids. Good referral from United Health Care. Easy conversation and knowledgeable so that choosing the right product was no problem. Very satisfied!

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Bruce Meitzler, on Google

First time visit, recommended by a close friend. I was very impressed with Adam Dell. He did not try to push any product or service. He seemed to truly care about his patients, was polite and friendly the the person who was late and apologized to me (although he wasn't...

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Rebecca Russow, on Google