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I have been seeing and hearing Adam for the past five + years. Consider him a friend now and keep going back to get checked out. I usually arrive a little earlier to talk with Janet. Great people!

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Dave Danielski, on Google

I am quite satisfied with the quality of service experience by Adam and staff of Audibel Hearing of Westmont, Illinois. My hearing aids make me feel more comfortable in answering my phone or in regular conversations since voices come through much more clearly than without them.

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Laura Jeffries, on Google

I am new to the world of hearing aids. I first learned of Adam and his La Grange facility through a friend of mine and she was correct in every aspect of her assessment. Adam is a personable professional who made everything about the appointment, purchase, and follow up very easy and straightforward. I have no hesitancy in recommending his services.

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Kennette Bledsoe, on Google

I have been a client of Adam's for over 3 years and have received the absolutely best care, service and more importantly after sales/fitting experience(s). So pleased are we with Adam (and Janet's) care and consideration that I had my wife visit for a hearing test while we were in from TN (we left IL in 2021). We have visited both the Westmont and Lagrange locations with equal satisfaction. She was kind of surprised at the test results but she can't believe the difference her new hearing aids have made to her way of life. Thank you Guys

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Stuart Heyes, on Google

Dr. Dell has been such a great help to us in testing and fitting my aunt, who was 90 years old, with hearing aids. The hearing aid has been excellent quality. For no charge, he has followed up with her twice over the past three years, to adjust the aid as her hearing has declined. Easy to schedule appointments, very communicative when we need his help. I highly recommend Audibel of Westmont.

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Karen Luse, on Google

Adam was very helpful with missing parts on my hearing aids and a new plug for my charger. I have been going to Audibel for about 12 years and to Adam for about 10. Adam is personable, professional and thorough. I would definitely refer friends to him and Audibel.

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Shary Hertel, on Google

I got connected with Adam Dell at Audibel Hearing about 6 mo's. ago. What a blessing Adam & Audibel have been to me!! I have been wearing hearing aides for about 22 yrs. and Adam is the best, like no other!!! His customer service is absolutely wonderful!! He is extremely personable, friendly, and supportive!! And his prices are very competitive; he gave me a couple great deals!! For those with a hearing loss, I cannot recommend Audibel & Adam enough!! They are THE BEST!!!

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Monika Joyce, on Google

I very happy with the service here at Audibel. Adam is very knowledgeable and down to earth. He's very professional and makes sure you understand your hearing aides. He explains how to care for your hearing aides. Any questions I may have, all I need to do is call him.Give them a try, you'll be very HAPPY!

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Lydia Arroyo, on Google

Adam Dell from Audible hearing in Lagrange is just the best. What a fantastic person he is. He helped my moms transition to hearing aids so easy and helped her in every step of the way. They are so friendly and knowledgeable I would recommend anyone in need of hearing aids to go to see Adam. He's definitely the best.

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Audrey Mascheri, on Google

First time visit, recommended by a close friend. I was very impressed with Adam Dell. He did not try to push any product or service. He seemed to truly care about his patients, was polite and friendly the the person who was late and apologized to me (although he wasn't that late seeing me). I was told I could get a hearing aid, but probably didn't need on yet. He had me try on hearing aides that were set to amplify my slight loss to see if I really wanted to invest in them. I decided to wait and come back in a couple of years or sooner if my hearing loss changed. I was so impressed that my husband who needs new hearing aides (but had another provider in the past) decided to make an appointment with Adam for his new hearing aids. I truly appreciate medical people who don't try to over prescribe unnecessary services.

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Rebecca Russow, on Google

“Our daughter would come into the room and ask why I had the TV so loud. It’s nice to be able to be in the room with others and not have them going crazy with the loud volume. It’s a good feeling to now have the sound come right into my hearing aids.”

Patricia D.

“Being able to hear conversations the first time again, really understand them, was fabulous for me. Instead of asking my family to repeat themselves and try to visualize their lips as they talk, I had the opportunity to find that I just can close my eyes, listen, I would hear it and understand them.”

Dawn C.